Litigation | Diplomat Law Firm


Diplomat Law Firm has a reputation of a professional and reliable partner that represents clients’ interests in majority of commercial disputes. Highly rated litigators of the firm represent clients in litigation at different levels of economic courts of the country and at arbitration courts.

In addition, the key advantages of our team in this practice are the following.

Firstly, we have always been supporters of settling a dispute by, means of alternative dispute resolution (mediation). That is why people are coming to us to get legally appropriate and economically justified e solutions of complex issues. Presence of our lawyers at negotiations ensures to hold discussions within legal framework preventing strengthening of a conflict situation and guarantees to our clients legal appropriateness of agreements reached.

Secondly, there is a narrow specialization even within this practice. In particular, the litigation practice is conducted by our experts on:

(1) commercial litigation (arbitration)

(2) civil matters

(3) criminal matters

Such specialization, unquestionably providing the most favorable success of each case. Each area of litigation practice, whether commercial litigation, civil or criminal matters, has its own peculiarity about which know only highly qualified professionals.

We are involved in resolving of such disputes, as:

  • Debt collection;
  • Tax Disputes
  • Customs disputes
  • Corporate disputes
  • Disputes with the competition authority
  • Labor disputes
  • Disputes in the field of intellectual property
  • Real Estate disputes

Completed Projects

Here are some of the projects realized by Diplomat Law Firm in this area:

  • Representing interests of the largest local construction company Interlegno in dispute with a company-debtor in economic court;
  • Representing of a big insurance company in handling a case connected with illegal termination of its license;
  • Providing legal support to subsidiary of Canadian company FC «JSK Group EXPO», during the pre-trial procedures related to issues of ownership and use of land plot;
  • Representing of a large domestic pharmaceutical company in resolving of dispute in connection with additionally charged customs duties as a result of customs value adjustment;
  • Representation interests of the German investor in economic court on resolving tax dispute concerning its joint investment project carried out in textile business in one of the regions of;
  • Representing "Elektronstroy Service" LLC (Ukraine) on enforcement of decision of the Economic Court;
  • Representation interests of a major domestic pharmaceutical company in resolving the dispute concerning with confirmation of time of proper payment and fact and timely acceptance of goods, as well as the date of the actual payment;
  • Representation interests of a major importer of household appliances, which is a part of a group of companies carrying out their business activities under the brand name BelRosSavdo, in court during its dispute arising out of adjustment of a customs value of imported goods;
  • Representation of a large joint venture specializing in import and sale of computer and office equipment in its dispute arising out of the Debt Assignment Agreement;
  • Representation of a large company in its dispute arising out of the withdrawal of one of the participants from the LLC (a limited liability company);
  • Representation of a large company (which is in the system of Uzbekenergo) in its dispute arising out of the sale of other company's shares during the secondary public offering;
  • Representation of a local major mobile operator in its dispute concerning withdrawal of one of its participants from the company;
  • Representation of a large company in Chemical industry concerning to cancellation of decision of State tax authority on overcharging taxes and fine for late payment. Representation of a large company at a pre-trial dispute settlement procedure on resolving its dispute concerning to breach of contractual obligations by its counterpart on equipment supply from the Austrian producer of alcohol and refreshment beverages;
  • Representation in court a major foreign textile manufacturer in its dispute with the State Fire Safety Authority;
  • Representation an Uzbek-Turkish Joint Venture «UZTURK CORPORATION» in defending its ownership rights to the real estate;
  • Representation a U.K. company «Primton Holding Corporation» in resolving of its dispute arising out of export of vermiculite from Uzbekistan;
  • Representation a large Russian cotton yarn exporting company «Korus» LLC in economical, criminal, and civil courts to resolve its dispute with the counteragents;
  • Representation of a major provider of telecommunication services in its dispute concerning to cancellation of decision of State tax authority on overcharging taxes and fine for late payment, including representation in economical court and criminal proceedings;
  • Representation a of large Russian company, producing hard cutting tools, to resolve its dispute with Uzbek special equipment manufacturer on recovering of receivables;
  • Representation of a large foreign bank in Uzbekistan in resolving its dispute with local tax authorities on cancelling of imposed fine;

Representation of a client in civil proceedings concerning to recognition of transaction on gratuitous assignment of shares of the founder as a void and cancellation of subsequent state registration of changes entered to the constituent documents of the company.