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Swift changes in the verification process of entrepreneurs

Friday, 17 April, 2015

Parliament is preparing a new edition of the law "On state control of business activities".

The objectives of the law:
- Improvement of the procedures for the control of business activities
- Ensuring the stability of their work
- Reduction of undue interference in the activities of business entities

The planned introduction of the new rules:
- Coordination with the special authorized body of all checks, except for checks on criminal cases and cases of them without additional agreement
- A list of regulatory bodies authorized to conduct inspections
- A shorter period of inspections of small businesses and farms
- Suspension of the execution of the decisions and actions of regulatory authorities and their officials when filing a complaint against them audited entity
- Invalidation of the act (certificate) on the scanning results in cases of non-compliance with the conditions for its implementation. It is important in this case that the conduct of re-examination is not allowed.
- Update the list of grounds for inspections, it regulates the procedure for their implementation in order to control