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Dear Friends

Diplomat Law Firm welcomes You on its web site!
History of «Diplomat Law Firm» dates back to 2008, when the author of these words began its work in one law firm. Only in the first half of 2013, current team of Diplomat Law Firm was formed because of spin-off of the entire Corporate Practice team from that law firm.

Meanwhile Diplomat Law Firm lawyers have work experience of many years' standing in legal business featured in such legal rating authorities like The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners.

We dare to mention that a majority of law firms and consulting companies, starting from local, regional and ending with international ones, each day claim to be the best professionals in their areas.

We, on the contrary, do not advertise who we are, what we are, and what we can do. We believe that our work and implemented projects in Uzbekistan and in a number of Central Asian countries, Russia and CIS countries are bright evidences of who we are. We believe that legal support of business entities from more than 50 countries of the world is another proof of who we are.

We have worked and keep working, feeling that it is important, every day, and every moment to be support for the ones who have consulted to us. Moreover, we do not call the one who has come to us seeking a help “a customer”…, we treat him as our friend. For Toy, our Friends, we are operating and helping with our legal background experience, professional due diligence and knowledge in all daily legal matters. Thanks to You we are growing and developing.

Our office of law firm is located in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). Working languages of the firm are Uzbek, Russian, English, German and Turkish.

We are always glad to assist and support you!


Jakhongir Azimov

Executive Director at Diplomat Law Firm.

Our advantages

Most law firms in the market traditionally emphasize their advantages by highlighting their strengths, in other words, answer to the question: "Why we?"
Paying tribute to the established tradition, we can briefly answer to the question "What are our advantages?" by saying the following.

So, our services:

  • 1. Expensive, but the prices are fair. Quality meets price!
  • 2. High level of professionalism. The quality of our services is determined by the high professionalism of each team member, behind whom many successful projects were realized.
    Moreover, the work of each practice of the law firm in all key sectors conducted exclusively by experts in their field: there is a kind of specialization even within a single practice. For example, the work of the litigation practice, in which cases conducted by individual experts in (1) Arbitration (economic affairs), (2) civil and (3) criminal cases, which makes it, in the end, the most favorable success of each case.
  • 3. Precisely on time. We carefully work on each project, regardless of its size or complexity, consider all "details", considering every nuance. However, at the same time we make all our effort to work on time, because agreement for us is more precious than money!
  • 4. The needs of the client by maximal effort. Maximum trying to understand what the customer wants from us. Trying to offer customers even better service than their expectations.
  • 5. Communication - the beginning of the client’s comfort. All clients, as well as any person, need respectful relationship to them. Constant contact with our responsible for a specific project officer (by phone, email, Skype), the desire to make the most of the client's needs, taking into account compliance with all applicable legislation and practice nuances of their implementation, step by step implementation, in case of necessity, of individual projects are guaranteed to each of our clients.
  • 6. Knowledge of not only the laws, but also of doing business in the country. One of our key advantages in the realization of various , including investment, projects is not only legal support and expertise on legal matters, but also advice on the optimal management of business in Uzbekistan, including taking into account the excellent knowledge of the specifics of a particular industry market, industry nuances of ownership (for example, in trade, in the telecommunications and information technology, pharmaceuticals, real estate and construction, and others).
  • 7. "Lawyers in the style of diplomat". Even in 2011, international legal experts of rating agency Chambers and Partners, spending a few interviews with J. Azimov, now Executive Director of «Diplomat Law Firm», in his report gave him an assessment by the words "lawyer in the style of diplomat."
Looks like it was destined to call the team «Diplomat».

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